Thursday, May 1, 2014

More News and Friday FUN: Paper Prayer Quilt

Appointments today went really well, except I was surprised that my face would be SO close to the top of the 'tube' and I was not thrilled to be in the tube for 25 minutes, but I used that time to pray.

Thank you Stephanie for pointing out that DUH, everyone knows that is what a CT scan is like and treating me like a real friend and calling me on that.  I totally deserved it.  :)

The CT/PET scan was all clear, which Dr N's nurse said was a good thing and Laura was thrilled about.  So there is something to praise God for right away!

(post surgery)
Are there cancer cells in the lymph nodes
Appears Small
What is the size of the tumor
(PET results)
Has the tumor spread elsewhere 
(I think this one is green, based on Laura being happy)
Well defined
Well defined
What is the cell-type (histology) of the cancer
Do the cancer cells express “hormone receptors”

MyProject Manager style comes out naturally to show green as good in a nice table style format with each of the key factors.

We learned today from the surgeon, Dr. A, that I seem to be an ideal candidate for the lumpectomy based on all of the factors above.  He's not in a rush, thinking that the timing of the surgery would be in the next 2-3 weeks.

Post surgery, they will send off the lump to ensure that there were clean margins and they will also take a sample of lymph nodes to be tested as well.  That will take 3-4 biz days to make that determination at the lab.  Surgery would likely take place on a Thursday and then I could be back at work by Monday or Tuesday, since I have a desk job.

If lump has clear margins, and nodes are clear then radiation is next step.  That could be 5 treatments 2x/day, but then that's all.  That of course would be wonderful and give a good reason to others to get those timely mammograms.

Lots of other options of course if it is not the best case scenario.

Prayer Requests: 

  • That God would be glorified, despite unpleasant physical circumstances
  • Me, being cancer free
  • Monday's appointment would provide clear direction on timing the next steps
  • That a lumpectomy and radiation would be all that is needed
Next Steps: 
  • 5/5     Dr. N appt 
  • 2-3 weeks  Surgery to remove the lump

Now for the FUN stuff: 
A number of years ago I read this idea about artist trading cards in Family Fun magazine.  We made a few ourselves, ok, mostly Jake's friend and I made a bunch.  Here is the inspirational article if you want to read more about it and few of the ones we made that I could find.

Ten years ago, or more, Betsy, Sandy and I took up quilting and started a Quilting group at our church that is still going strong.  They make tied quilts for people and have people in the congregation pray over the quilt and tie a knot somewhere on the threads which are extra-long, then when you have the quilt over the sick person (eek that’s me these days) they are covered in prayers. 

God inspired this idea that we could combine the two ideas like this.  You, dear reader, could take a 3x5 index card and on the blank side should create your own art card, say a prayer for me being cancer free (or anything from my prayer request list) and send it to me.  I’ll hang them up on my pantry door(s) in the order that they are received that way I don’t have to think too hard about what sort of pattern to make them into and they will be a wonderful visible reminder that I’m covered in prayer. 

If you have multiple people in your house that want to participate of course that’s ok.  If you want to combine your card with someone else’s and create a two or more card design, that’s ok too (just let me know how they go together). If you want to make more than one, that's ok too.  

For you free spirits out there, go get busy, have a blast.    

Here are guidelines for those of you who need more rules:

  • Cards will be displayed portrait style; 3" across the top

  • Super selfish request please no red.  I'm just weird that way.  
  • Please sign the back of your card since it is a quilting 'rule' to sign your work
  • Any medium will work: pencil, crayon, paint, marker, fabric, glitter, photographs, tissue paper
  • It does not have to have words, or it can
  • Use your imagination
  • Don't over think it; go with your gut
  • Get it out the door by Monday morning

If you don’t have my real address and want to send a card, please respond to this post and tell me who you are and why I should give you my address  cuz I don’t want any creepers to be creeping.  I still have to be careful for stranger danger and all that. 

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