Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Update

It's hard to believe that it has been exactly one week since I learned 'the news'.

Let me first say that you guys are an awesome prayer team.  I told Larry on Sunday that I really feel great, covered in prayer and almost like I’m floating.  I know that is the result of your prayers and God’s covering, so thank you! 

Medical Updates: 
  • 5/1 Thursday; surgeon appt
  • 5/1 Thursday; CT/PET scan (yes, a busy day)
  • 5/5 Monday; back with Dr. N the oncologist

At work I'd like you to know I report up to some amazing people that are super supportive.  They could not have been more kind and thoughtful, and I'm not just saying that because they are subscribers (ha!).  Truly remarkable folks.  I'm so thankful for them!

Since I don’t know exactly what the next steps will be after  my Monday appointment, I feel like I’m rushing to get a few ideas out there before I get into a situation where I maybe don’t feel so hot physically.  

I’ll share one today and then another on Friday.

Today’s idea is not really my own, I’m borrowing it from my friend Cindy, I have a feeling she won’t mind a bit.  Cindy just finished writing a bible study and sweetly sent me an early copy HOT off the press!  

I have discovered that praying for people at night often ends in me falling asleep before my prayers are actually completed.  Cindy solved this problem by going on a prayer walk.  Did you know you are 99.9% less likely to fall asleep while walking than when laying/lying (ugh, I thought I knew the difference) in your nice comfy cozy bed with all the lights off.  Weird huh? 

So the next FUN thing is to Walk it out Wednesday.  If you have some physical limitations that will keep you from getting too far, maybe ask someone to take you for a quiet ride for a few minutes.  Otherwise get outside into the great spring weather and walk, oh you could run too if you really wanted to, but it should be just for FUN.   

Look for some kind of beauty in the way our great Creator made things, the way rose petals unfold, how the bluebonnets are pollinated, brightly colored ground lizards. 

Sunday out on our country road there was a 6” long lizard that lost a race with a car and ended up on his back, tongue out and ants all over him.  When Kathy and I stopped to check him out we found he had four vertical stripes of blue (two different shades) on his belly.  We were both curious as to what sort of lizard this was so she flipped it over with the toe of her shoe (she’s braver) and we found it to be a plain brown ground lizard, completely unremarkable on the top side, but on the underside bright brilliant colors. 

A few steps later there was a rustling on my side of the road we both eeked and reached for each other (it’s snake season already—she’s had two already and L found a 6’ long skin in the shed) and moved toward the other side of the road when something on her side skittered away into the tall grass/weeds and we eeeked again.  Of course we cracked up and walked faster. 

Find a walking buddy, or go it alone, but get outside and take a walk, even if it is just to the end of your block.  Look for the natural beauty.   It is out there, you just need to notice it.  Thank God that he created such a beautiful place for us to live. 

If it doesn't work out to walk on Wednesday (especially since I'm posting this so late and most will read it on Thursday) you could toddle on Thursday, frolic on Friday, saunter on Saturday, stroll on Sunday, march on Monday, totter on Tuesday (isn't alliteration fun?).   I think you get the idea.  :)


  1. Oh friend, your sweet posts bless me. I wish I lived closer and we could go for a walk again! Know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers!
    You are loved!
    Cindy :)