Friday, April 25, 2014


These were the results after a routine mammo showed calcificaitons.  That led to a better mammo that showed I needed a biopsy.  That happened on Monday the 21st.  Results due in Wednesday.  Here they were.  You can already tell it wasn't 'all clear' becuase who takes the time to set up a blog about that?!?!
Here is the message I sent to a few folks who had been following along becuase I see/talk to them regularly:
Well let me start with saying that God is good all the time. 

Unfortunately, my body has Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, yep Breast Cancer.  It is well differentiated, which is a good thing (so the doc tells me), it is positive for estrogen (which means that it will respond well to treatment) and they do a really good job of treating it these days. 

I’ve left a message with an oncologist to try to get in for an appointment this week so I can get some more answers.  Missed their office scheduler today by five min. 

Does this have anything to do with the crazy shakes I’ve had?  I don’t know. 

What can you do?  Please pray for wisdom for Larry and I as we walk down some crazy path we hadn’t planned on and for the doctors who review things and help guide our decisions.  For Jake to not be too scared as he has to see it all happen too.  You know I’ll ask for what I need, I’m pushy and bossy that way. 

Am I nervous, yep.  But I know that I have wonderful God who loves me unconditionally and Nothing is impossible with HIM. 

It is in Him that I put my trust. 

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