Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thursday/Friday Update

This is a repeat of the email I sent out yesterday, just posting it on the blog.  

You will feel a LOT better after reading all of this. 
If you are new to this topic click here to read the back story about what’s up. 
Wednesday was a tough afternoon and evening and night.  It was heavy.   Finding out you have cancer stinks. 
Thursday brought new hope (He brings it new every morning) that we’d get some answers today, despite a limited 1.5 hours of sleep.  5:30pm was nap time.  J  Larry and both feel a whole lot better after the progress we made yesterday. 
I had a follow up with my cardiologist already scheduled at 8:50 yesterday morning.  He declared me heart healthy.  He’s says, “If it is only the heart, get out of my office (he’s Italian).”  Then I showed him on his form about my diagnosis from yesterday.  He immediately jumps into action and says, “This is the guy, if I have cancer, that I want to go to.  Let me get you an appointment today.”   
He goes out and tells his nurse, “Call and get her an appointment today.  She needs answers.  She’s a woman of action.” (I’ve seen him a total of two times, guess I give off a vibe or something).  
She whispers something and he says loudly, “Yes she knows what she has.  Get her in there.”  Apparently they are full… so he picks up his cell phone and calls the guy… “Bali, it’s Vennegoni.  I have a young woman (bless him) who just got a diagnosis yesterday I want you to see her today, but your office says no.  She needs answers.” 
They send me over to Dr. N’s office where basically I am supposed to fill out all the paperwork, but likely not have an appointment today.  They are in the Bastrop office tomorrow.  I can drive there.  Oh you can?  Yes, I have a car.  J  Ok, she says, well fill out the paperwork and we’ll get the process started.  Then in walks a lady from my old church (Alice) who is just as sweet as can be so I was very glad to see her (thank you God for her appt yesterday).  She’s in year 7 of being cancer free and is just in there for a check-up.  So we chit chat in the waiting room while I fill out paperwork and she waits.  She gets called back and then we leave (L arrived sometime in the middle of me filling out paperwork), but we stop in the bathroom before we go. 
Alice is walking out and asks the desk if we’ve left or not and I see her and say no were right here.  “Oh, great, I put in a good word for you with Dr. Netaji and he said he would take good care of you.  Also Dr. N said that he is not taking new patients but because Dr. V called for you; you got in.”  (thank you again God). 
Now I’m waiting for them to call back after they’ve verified my insurance etc etc to actually set up an appointment.   God is helping out and giving encouragement all along the way.  If I had kept my original appointment with the cardio guy that would have been Wednesday morning and I wouldn’t have gotten all this great set up. 
Around noon I received a call that they could see us yesterday (Thursday) at 2:45, so of course we went right over when it was time. 
Prognosis is good.  Likely a lumpectomy, they will test the lymph nodes and if all clear, will only need radiation.  If not, then the yucky chemo. 
Next steps: They drew blood yesterday, will schedule a CT and PET scan for next week, we meet with the surgeon on Thursday and then back to the oncologist on Monday the 5th
I know a number of you are a bit of a distance away and wondering what in the world can I do to help.  So I’ve got some fun ideas (yes Jen, I’ve found some FUN in this—small victories) to keep you invovled too. 
My devotional this morning had me read this: In him we were also chosen,[e] having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12 in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. Eph 1:11-12.   
Yep, cancer stinks, but it is no surprise to Him.  That I could do something that would bring Him glory… I’m in. 
Prayer requests for this week:
  • That God is glorified in this journey. 
  • Being cancer free is also very high on my list. 
  • Prayers for the boys (and Janet) as we all process this info
  • Focus at work (we’re kicking off a big new project this week).
I think I found my bootstraps. 

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