Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Finally, I received the call we've all been waiting for.  Dr. A called this afternoon, and apologized for it taking so long.

If I didn't know any better I'd say it was Friday, because good things happen on Fridays.

The margins were close, but negative, meaning that the tumor had grown close to the outer edges of the section they removed last week.  (Answered Prayer)

The lymph nodes are not involved.  (Answered Prayer)

Praise be to God!  He is merciful!!!!

The fact that the margins were close prompted Dr. A to give me further explanation.  Yes, I was taking notes, but they weren't all making sense and I think he sensed I was not understanding so he continued to dumb it down for me.

Then he hit on a winning combination... It is as if the tissue we removed last week was like a bundt cake and there was a single 8.5 mm strawberry in the cake (the cancer) and on that strawberry there were seven seeds (7 foci that were invasive), and the strawberry was not touching the edges, but it was close (hence the clean margins).  Talk to me in terms of cake and apparently I can understand that explanation.

After I gave Larry the news, I called Dr. Laura and she was dancing a jig as I gave her the news.  It took a few hours for it all to sink in for me.

Next steps: 

  • Follow up appt with Dr. A tomorrow afternoon.  He said he would explain things again (for the remedial patient I apparently am) and draw pictures and provide me with a copy of the lab report (available upon request for any of you medical types out there that would like a scanned copy :)).   
  • Will likely have whole breast radiation, because of the 7 foci  
  • Chemo is TBD based on appt with Dr. N
  • Continue to heal from surgery last week
  • June 5th appt with Dr. N
  • Meet with a Radiological Oncologist

After we dropped J off to warm up for his baseball game we went to get gas in the truck.  As we drove through town Larry asked if I'd like to stop at DQ for a celebratory blizzard.  After a few minutes, I said

Yes, and they had confetti cake!!!  

Not sure I'm fully back on sugar, but tonight it sure did taste sweet.  For those of you who have taken the no sugar vow with me, feel free to have a celebratory day as well!

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  1. A bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was enjoyed on your behalf.