Monday, May 19, 2014

Not Yet...

You've waited somewhat patiently all weekend, Monday has come and gone by the time most of you are reading this so I know you're expecting more news.

Well, I still don't have any news.

This time the nurse called me, Monday around lunch, to say that she did not have the pathology report back.  I asked if I should be concerned by that and she replied that it was breast cancer and they were running all their protocols, getting good stains, etc.

Her reply was so smooth that I didn't even catch that she never answered my question until I was dashing off a quick note with that update.  Karen was quick to reply to my note that we at least have confirmation that it is breast cancer, which made me laugh (a good thing).

Kay shared a great quote from Elizabeth (Zab) Palmberg while I was writing this: "Did you know that the median wait time for biopsy results is all eternity?"   Sure feels like that today, even though knowing doesn't change the timing of the next steps (that was my personal reminder).

Apparently the stress level is getting to me today; be glad you weren't over for a visit Monday evening.  Seems I've not been particularly pleasant to be around (and I came home early today too because my arm hurt); oops.  I made a personal attitude adjustment so hopefully things will go better for the remaining few hours I'm awake tonight.

I have received some wonderful cards and one today made me laugh out loud.  This one just appealed to my organized/project manager/list maker side.  How can a Gantt chart with milestone stars not make you feel good???

And, look how the whole door is filling up so nicely! Y'all are an awesome support.  Thank you!!!

If you've mailed a regular greeting card, I've taken some artistic license and done some cutting down and posted your wonderfully encouraging words on the back and added it to the collection, but feel free to keep doing the 3x5 cards too.

I'll sign off with this picture and verse:
The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1)

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