Friday, May 16, 2014

Still No News

I know you are looking for an update about the lab results.  I wish I had them; I don't.  

I called Dr. A's office before lunch today and left a message for for the nurse.  She did call back right away and said that my results were not back yet, but that only the doctor would be able to give me the information anyway. He was doing five procedures today and likely would not be able to call me back before the weekend.  Thankfully, I was not his #5 or #6 procedure for the day.

He is not scheduled to be in the office until Tuesday.  I have a follow up appointment with him on Wednesday.  

She would call for the results and if they were ready she would text him and ask him to call me so I (we) would not have to wait over the weekend.  

Unfortunately, there was still no call from either of them. 

So it would seem this becomes an opportunity to practice our patience.  
The results aren't going to change regardless of when we get them. 
The results are not a surprise to God, whichever way they go.  
The results aren't going to change how I continue to recuperate over the weekend.  
The results aren't going to change any treatment plans.  
The results aren't going to change how I sing praise to God at church on Sunday.  He is in control.

I can enjoy these flowers either way, aren't these lovely?  

So there ya have it.  I hope you have a good weekend I will post an update when I have one. 

Answered Prayers: 
Successful surgery
Ability to dress myself again (woo hoo)

Prayer Requests: 
That God would be glorified
That margins are clear and lymph nodes are not involved.

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