Monday, May 12, 2014

Surgery Is Done!

As efficient and hard-working as Andrea is, no, she is not blogging from her hospital bed to let you all know that she is out of surgery.  I know, shocker.
This is her daughter-in-law (or daughter-in-love) J doing as requested and providing the blog update for the day.

In providing me with instructions on how to post the update on here, Andrea let me know that I could also post pictures.  I gave her a hard time about putting one up of her in the recovery room; surprisingly, she requested that I not.  (FYI - for your own sake, do not Google "surgery" for funny pictures to post on your mother-in-law's blog.  Just don't.)

She was taken to surgery around 12:45, just before her scheduled 1 o'clock timeslot.
L notified us just before 3 that she's out of surgery and all is well.  If there are any more updates as the day goes on I'll update this post.

And on a personal note, thank you all for the thoughts and prayers for Andrea as she walks this path.  While no one wishes for trials in life, we can surely thank God that she is not alone (surrounded by family and friends both near and far) and that she is a woman of strong faith (as evidenced by her desire to give glory to God throughout her journey to cancer-free).

And lastly, so I can use all the blogging skills she taught me, here are two pictures of my adorable kiddos and what we've been doing the past two days.

Yep, that is c wearing a crown at the playground yesterday.  And e is showing off her newest skill of standing unassisted.  Feel free to attempt to pinch those cheeks right through the computer.

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