Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recovery Days

I thought I would let you all know I'm here and doing pretty well post-op; thanks be to God!

I've had two great nights of sleep and today (Wednesday) have not needed to take any pain meds, the heavy stuff or ibuprofen, so that seems like good progress.    

The prep for the surgery was terrible, and not enjoyable in the least.  I ended up passing out twice as they put in the wires, or were checking to be sure they were in the right place.  It's kind of a blur now.  

The doctor was very kind and just sat in a chair and waited for me to regain consciousness.  He said it was common for women to pass out as the wires can hit a vagus (not Vegas) nerve.  I'm guessing he got a two-for-one on my wire placements since I went out twice.  

I saw the same doc later in the day Monday and he kindly asked how I was doing, then he had a little more torture for me.  Once he was done injecting the dye for the sentinel node testing he promised he would not be torturing me any further.  

Next steps: 
  • Thursday/Friday a cytology update
    • Goal: clean margins around the tumor and no lymph system involvement
  • Thursday keep relaxing
  • Friday work from home
Today Bobbie and I got the prayer quilt updated with some new additions.  There is still plenty of room for your card if you are interested in sending one.  

Y'all have done a great job in sending no red, I know there are a couple of these that look close, but in real life they are not.  

Prayer Requests: 
  • God would be glorified
  • I would be cancer free
  • I would be able to dress myself again soon (He cares about the little stuff too)
And the flowers that I've received have been absolutely lovely!  Thank you!!! 
I'll share pictures for you to enjoy too.

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