Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Update

Today was a visit with Dr. N, the oncologist:

  • The results of the PET scan last week showed that there was NO metastasis; Thank you God! 
  • I asked about the need/desire for genetic testing and that took us down a rabbit hole for a little bit during the appointment (more about that).  
  • Dr. N called Dr. A right there during our appointment and talked with him (love those cell phones).
  • Dr. N concurs that the next step is the lumpectomy and sentinel node testing.
  • There was possible/probable (both words on same report in different places) lymphovascular invasion from biopsy report.
  • Dr. A and I chatted this afternoon and I told him we were ready to move forward with surgery.

Next steps:

  • Dr. A is writing up his surgical orders
  • Dr. A's scheduler will call me to pick the day for the surgery 
  • Surgery date TBD (possibly as early as this week); likely a Thursday

The genetic testing is something that several people have told us about.  I'm at an age that the indication for this testing are gray (perhaps like my hair).
If I were younger, it would be an easy decision to say yes.
If I had daughters, yes (another reason for C, S and J to be glad they are boys).
If there was any family history of breast cancer, then yes.  Being an only child of an only child we don't have a wide canopy or drip line on our tree so there's not as much to go on, except that what is there does not indicate any need for the testing.
The testing takes two weeks, there is no rushing it through.
Going through the testing delays surgery at least two weeks.
With the possible/probable words from above, L and I decided that we should move forward without the testing at this time.
I will undergo the pre-screening/counseling for the testing in case we decide to go that route at a later time.

What could it tell us?  That my genes are predisposed to be cancerous, and that a more radical treatment would be planned.

Could I still go through the genetic testing, post lumpectomy, yes.

Still want to get in on the FUN?  It's not too late.   The first three contributions arrived today; one all the way from Minnesota!  If I didn't know any better, I'd think she drove it down here.
I'll be attaching them to the pantry door as they arrive.  Don't worry if you didn't mail yours today.  It will still be welcome when it arrives.

Answered Prayers: 

  • Our family is at peace about all that is going on (there's been a few jokes too, which is a good sign around here)
  • I feel great and not emotionally burdened; Matthew 11:28-30
  • Meetings last week went really well

Prayer Requests: 

  • That God would use this circumstance in my life to His glory
  • Surgery will be scheduled
  • Surgery will go well
  • Lymph nodes will test to be without cancer

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