Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello??? Are There any White Blood Cells in There?

My visit with Dr. N this afternoon did not go as I planned.

My CBC showed that my white count has dropped from a happy healthy baseline of 10 last Monday, all the way down to 0.9.  Yes, that is less than 1.  That might explain why I felt a little 'foggy' this morning and wasn't feeling super strong yesterday evening either.

Dr. N thought that I looked dehydrated and thought that I would benefit from receiving a liter of IV fluids so I sat in the chair and received them.  I also got an injection of white blood cell booster.  I'll get to go back again tomorrow for a second shot and then back again on Wednesday to check my count again.  If things aren't on the up-swing by then I'll get a third shot.

I'm also on a preventative antibiotic since my immunity fighting ability is not quite at it's strongest at the moment.

I was banned, by the doc, from bible study for the evening and also from any visitors who are the least bit sick, including allergies.  At least until my WBC decide to show back up.  Not that it is a revolving door around here or anything, but good to know.

As for the last week I've had a number of texts and calls asking how I'm doing so I made a handy-dandy chart.  Tuesday was definitely the low point as far as nausea and generally not feeling well.  I had a better looking chart, but technical complications are preventing me from sharing it and I was forced to take a picture of a second version I created on the fly.  You'll have to trust me that I had something better.

Prayer Requests: 

  • White blood cells will bounce back. 
  • My energy will return.
  • Thanksgiving that Dr. N takes a proactive approach to managing all of this.

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  1. Praying for you, Andrea! Your attitude is amazing and God is glorified through you and this process!