Thursday, July 10, 2014

They're Baaacck

Hooray and Praise God!

I got up 'early' this morning and headed back to the doctor after a restless night.  It was restless because all of my 'long' bones were very achy despite a nice dosage of ibuprofen.  Nurse Betsy had said that when the Neupogen kicks in that exact thing would happen.

Test results did not disappoint.  My numbers were up this morning and WBC is back up to 9.9!!!!  Yes, that was almost a 5x improvement.  Certainly that didn't seem possible from human terms, at least not my terms.  I was hoping for a 4.5.  Ha!  Shows what I know.

Funny what a search on The Google will do for you... This is more of what I had in mind to share the other day and with the whole white count adventure this week I made a few more changes.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thanksgiving for the WBC's come back
  • Relaxation and continued strength
  • Preparation for the next chemo round on 7/21
Hopefully, I won't have anything to report for the next 10 days (so don't worry if there's no update).  Maybe I'll have something fun to share in between.  

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