Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wheels are in Motion

Friday I received a call from the surgeon's office that they were ready to schedule the porta-cath installation.  Turns out that the only available spot next week is Monday morning at 7am.  That means that we will need to be there by 5:45am.  Ouch.  The good news is that we shouldn't run into any traffic at that hour.  :)

I won't be going fully under, the nurse said it was called conscience sedation, but it out enough that you can't eat after midnight and you need someone to drive you home.

The procedure lasts 30 minutes and then recovery for about an hour before they kick us to the curb.  So I'll be taking it easy on Monday, but should be home before lunch.

Never mind all the work that took place on Friday, chemo training was also scheduled for this coming Wednesday.  Janet suggested it might be like fish Orientation Week at A&M and I should be practicing my "Sir, yes sirs," just in case.

Also next week on Thursday, (oh sure I love driving to Austin every day) I have a follow up appointment with Dr. N, but I'm not exactly sure what that is for. I expect that will be when the first chemo treatment will start and they will shift the time around a bit from where it is now.

I should mention too that we have a new family member these days.  Last week we adopted Hank from the animal shelter.  He is a 2-3 year old wire terrier and has a great disposition. We are glad to have him around.

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