Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chemo Training 101

Today I completed my one hour one on one training session to learn how to 'do' chemo.

Janet asked the most important question this afternoon.  "After the training was complete, was there a t-shirt?"  Guess what? Yes, there was indeed!  I didn't take the time to pick it up today, but I certainly will.

Clayton established early on in his college days that if I didn't go to the event, then I couldn't wear the t-shirt, even if he was not going to wear the shirt anymore.  Well, I don't want to anyone else to get this t-shirt.  At least for me it was a bonafide training.

The chemo cocktail I'll be taking is Docetaxel + Cyclophosphamide or TC.  We went over all of the expected side effects, what is normal, what is rare, when to call the doc, etc.

I'll have two different drugs to combat the nausea, a steroid to help keep up my energy and a lidocaine cream to put over the portacath.

Monday I did have a successful portacath insertion.  I slept off and on Monday, and felt well enough that I caught a ride to Bible study that evening.

The first treatment will be this coming Monday, the 30th.  They said to plan on being there five hours!  Yes, you can bring food along.  They will take their time putting in one drug and then another to be sure I don't have any adverse reactions to them.  Future treatments won't take this long.

The second treatment will be 7/20, yay for being after my birthday!  That is when my hair is expected to be on its way out, but we girls have a plan for beating it to the punch during girls weekend starting on the 18th.  Ok, it is possible, that I might have a few control issues (at least around the edges).

Then two more treatments each three weeks apart.

So we (do you love how I'm dragging you along??) are on our way... Thank you so much for all your encouraging notes, texts, emails and especially all of your prayers.  They make such a difference, my stress level which has been very low. It is a peace that passes all human understanding.  Praise be to our great and gracious God.

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